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Lost Loves

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To every girl that’s left me in a bloodied drunken mess

And screaming on her doorstep outside of her address,

For every girl I’ve lost or had stole along the way

Made my sins repentable and my soul a shade of grey,

I apologise as might I may but I will not forgive

The bitterness I showed you or any evil wish,

I see I may have been too intense for you that time

Though after years of tears I still believe no crime,

Although my blood still flows like it will until I die

It flows with extra pain from every time you made me cry,

Although my voice is hoarse and battered by the strains

Every uttered word for every girl remains,

I couldn’t know your reason in abandoning my life

Or scarring every night I sleep with your mental knife,

I will not psychoanalyse my need to stay with you

I only assume it something with a sick and morbid view,

And even though I’m such a different person than I was

Your face remains inside my tears simply because.

I couldn’t be the me I am with out the you you were,

I couldn’t be the he I am if you were not that her,

I wouldn’t be embittered or twisted with mistrust

If you never left me with that look of pure disgust,

So when I’m stalking you or I refuse to let you go,

You made me this monster and now you fucking know.

Vile Tongue

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Vile are the lies
From government lips,
Their evil quotes
And sadistic quips,
Vile is the state
You’ve left me in,
Unable to afford
The innocent sin,
Vile is the ruin
Our once great land,
Driving stout patriots
To new shores and sand,
Vile is the control
In which we’re locked,
Disallowed freedom
Till your gun is cocked,
Vile is the time,
Mine you take,
Your greed consumes
Your lust to slake,
Vile is the point
That became unclear,
Only laid dying
Can I now hear,
Vile is the dignity,
I was deprived,
Naught for money
I had survived,
Vile is my poverty
A gift of your’s,
Cast down confused
These weary laws,
Vile is the legacy
Forged by force,
At my expense,
But of course,
Vile is your contempt,
As loyal subject
My life decaying
From your neglect,
Vile are your rules
Never twice the same,
Explained to foreigners
Behind my shame,
Vile is your crime
With tax i fund,
Yet i commit naught
And still i’m shunned,
Vile all you are,
One and last,
These new mistakes,
Once were past.
Vile is the sight,
when the old die young,
For young know fear
Of your vile tongue

The Majority Love Song

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They say,

Tomorrow is another day,

But they don’t know

What happened yesterday,

One week,

Tears on a lonely cheek

Pain in your heart

Regrets on your tired feet,

A moons pass,

Memories that never last

Crying through bedroom walls

You can’t forget the past,

I’m one of a kind

No two the same

One cries in anger

The other in shame,

My hearts bleeding dry

I don’t want to remain

And I can’t live alone

Coz I’ll die from this pain,

When i die,

I wont tell you why

My solace regrets

Things I cannot deny,

And my pain is your pain,

My fears are your fears,

All my dreams have died now,

Except in your tears.

I live in your tears.

Em Emily

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Em Emily Em so pretty

Em so smart Em so witty

You fitty you dreamer

Me voyeur you screamer,

Disbeliever child of nature

First love school girl and painter,

Blues brother for soul sister

Edge the bed can’t resist her,

Blond platinum bombshell bikini

Killer death to dreams and the dreamy

Rapist of hope and light and lust

Defiler destroyer player or bust,

Friend and faithful you shunted me

Fucked with him and cunted me

Kicked me bit me licked me up

I couldn’t call you school girl slut,

I couldn’t dare or think or paint

I worshipped you as evil saint,

And tormented, twisted and burning

Egg of Lilith Adam is yearning

Reaching tearing crying screaming

99 years of lucid dreaming,

Of toe sucking and curling regrets

Of heart wrenching and losing on bets,

Of tossing and turning and vomit and sickness

Adolescent denial and desperate thickness,

And till the next love came along

I praised you Em, for being my one.

My Loveday

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I wrote for her and she drew for me

Working in rhythmic symphony,

I gave her words and she gave me views

We shared our news as each others muse,

Scratch of the pen and flick of the brush

Saw with her eyes and made with her touch,

Locked in paper and inked with love

Intense four eyes but ne’er enough,

But for all the words and worldly scenes

Nothing’s as strong as it ever seems.

From left field came paranoid despair

From the girl with the bobbed black hair,

Who whispered to me words of warning

Inciting doubt and wrongful dawning

And when I heard that we weren’t that strong

I turned and set sail to the deep red sun,

If only things turned another way,

I could still write words,

for my Loveday.