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Arrested by Religion

Posted in Poetry with tags , , , , , on January 24, 2010 by Jonny Voices

I was entombed by thought and feeling
Shallow lights and empty meaning
Brief liaisons with delusion
Forced to kneel by convolution.

Imprisoned in not my belief
Madness tortures through my sleep
Never sought nor sunlight ventured
Never dared this darkness mention.

Nailed and boarded twixt your faith
Conversing music plays my face
Bright the colours come torment
This rainbow pain is evident.

Stung up on one mans opinion
Roasting here like filet mignon
Hyperactive one small move
Hanging here while death is shrewd.

I’m cuffed inside a thousand views
Pierced my mind with 10 small rules
Waste your life forgiveness waits
Corrosive be your last exploits.

I’m free to speak with heart and mind
Vacant be the truest line
Urgent strokes do float me there
Should I drown without a prayer.

Freedom now do as I bade
Take shroud from me the one true way
The sky the earth the whole is white
Still I entombed ironically, right.

Gasp inhale take deep your breath,
Preach not brethren who is best,
Leaking slicks encompass all
Breathe once and rest,
For rest is now all.