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John Terry?

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John Terry’s looking fucked

Because he spread his dick around,

But I don’t give a damn

Just coz he plays in a football ground,

I hear Fabio Capello

May take away his captains job

Don’t listen to the press,

You stupid idiot fucking knob,

I really wouldn’t care

If Pinochet played centre back,

Gaddafi on the right-wing

Saddam Hussein picks up the slack,

The Manson family,

Could all play 5-a-side

And Kim Jong fucking Il

Is breaking rather wide,

I don’t give a fuck

If Satan played as goalie

Coz I already know

That footballers aren’t holy,

So fire all the doctors

Who’ve looked at other birds,

All the fire-fighters

Who’ve said some dirty words,

Shoot all the lousy  journos

Who’ve ever told a lie,

Let’s put this shit to bed,

And wait for it to Die.

My Loveday

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I wrote for her and she drew for me

Working in rhythmic symphony,

I gave her words and she gave me views

We shared our news as each others muse,

Scratch of the pen and flick of the brush

Saw with her eyes and made with her touch,

Locked in paper and inked with love

Intense four eyes but ne’er enough,

But for all the words and worldly scenes

Nothing’s as strong as it ever seems.

From left field came paranoid despair

From the girl with the bobbed black hair,

Who whispered to me words of warning

Inciting doubt and wrongful dawning

And when I heard that we weren’t that strong

I turned and set sail to the deep red sun,

If only things turned another way,

I could still write words,

for my Loveday.

The follwing post is examining a sickening viral spreading hate, think about it.

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The following post is BULLSHIT!!!
Shame on you UK !!!!!! the only country where we have homeless without shelter, children going to bed without eating, elderly going without needed meds, and mentally ill without treatment – and our troops are fighting a war without decent kit !!!!yet we donate £50 million to the people of Haiti … 99% of people won’t have the guts to copy and repost this
Lets review this work of trashy fiction a little more closely:
Shame on you UK !!!!!!  –  There should be no shame when you realise that the point of this post is to demonise a people for attempting to help those who are dying.  Thisshould be your first clue that this is a work of hate and racism and little else.
the only country where we have homeless without shelter, Not true at all, this “only” word is another proving addition that seeks to unite the readers through an idea of frustration and hate of all outsiders.   In reality, this problem and all the other stated are world issues, they affect every nation on this planet; especially Haiti to which the article is referring…  this is nothing more than an oxy moron by a total moron.  Homelessness in the U.K is at an estimated 4 in 1000 people and with a population ofaround 60million, that’s a lot of people.  In addition to our own numbers, add the extra 100 million plus homeless around the world, find a charity that supports some of them and donate, here are a couple:
children going to bed without eating, –  Yes, poverty is another huge issue, a huge global issue.  Here is an exert from
“Although 600,000 children have been lifted out of poverty in the last ten years, the total number of poor children in working households has stayed the same at 1.4 million. Half of all poor children now live in a working household. “
This simply means that your employer is not willing to pay you enough to live and your government is not making them do so.  The same government that is affording the banks and oil companies free reign to dish out multi billion pound bonuses and price hikes on essential products but is unwilling to use any of its central fund to make enough of a difference to count.  As for global poverty, At least 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 a day according to which has some very interesting facts.  And again, here are a couple of charities:
elderly going without needed meds, and mentally ill without treatment – Again, this is just another matter which you should be asking your government about.  About the failure for the N.H.S to prioritise on issues such as dementia, for the governments allowing the cost of living and the prices of heating, water, food and other basic necessities to skyrocket.  This is in a country that offers free healthcare, you don’t need fancy statistics to be aware that we are one of the few countries which do this.  If weconclude the above to be true and poverty and homelessness being huge issues, then it is obvious that they simply cannot afford to obtain medical help.  If you can spare a thought then do, if you can spare more, likewise:
and our troops are fighting a war without decent kit !!!! –  This is your governments fault and nothing you contribute&nbs
p;to any charity will ever be enough, especially considering that you already pay tax and it is tax that should be funding our armed forces/  Whether you believe in the validity of the war or not, you have to believe that the soldiers don‘t deserve much of what they are being put through.  Your government, the government “ruling” over the U.K has run not only the country into ruin but also those who live within it.  If you would like to donate to those involved in the armed forces then follow the link below.
yet we donate £50 million to the people of Haiti …  – Whatever money we give to the people of the world, whomever they may be, is fully justified as long as you can afford it because, if you can afford it you obviously aren’t in the type of poverty this post is telling you about.  More to the point, if you think this is money that is being takenaway from “your” U.K, you are wrong.  Think about how much money you “give” your government in tax,  approximately £606,661,000,000 (using 2008 nominal GDP measured in dollars, and converting using 2009 conversion rate) and then think about what £50m is actually worth in a country whose population is over (probably) 60m people…  That’s less than £1 per person., get a grip.
99% of people won’t have the guts to copy and repost this –  I hope that 100% percent won’t be stupid enough to do so!

If you don’t like something change it, if you can’t change it, ask someone that can and help them.

This is PROOF of both FASCISM and CENSORSHIP in the BRITISH System

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Everyone should read this and then ask WHY are we not allowed to know, I understand not making this information front page fodder in the daily sensationalist for the sake of his family, but to OPENLY HIDE it from the public for whom the courts work, that is a TRAVESTY of (faux) JUSTICE (sic).  Who are we as a people to allow Hutton to decide that we CANNOT be privy to what may have caused the (suspicious) death of  government weapons inspector David Kelly?  Are we being told that one of the main reasons they could stage a legitimate invasion, and later on a voice of detraction, is NOT a matter in the public’s interest?  It would certainly fit in with the running theme for the past decade.

I’m not saying there aren’t legitimate reasons, there may well be a genuine intent to prevent his family (who I believe, according to the article, are also unable to see the medical reports) from further distress.  I am saying, however; that many people out there will take this to be a huge hush up, especially when it comes so close to Blair appearing at trial for his nice civilised, watered down, Q & A session at the Chilcot Inquiry.

Is this another example of the lack of respect our “governing” classes have for us leading to their carte blanche attitude?

The trick to slavery is to make them want to serve you

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“The only creatures who wear collars are dogs, slaves and employees and only one of these does so willingly.” Me – Now

Arrested by Religion

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I was entombed by thought and feeling
Shallow lights and empty meaning
Brief liaisons with delusion
Forced to kneel by convolution.

Imprisoned in not my belief
Madness tortures through my sleep
Never sought nor sunlight ventured
Never dared this darkness mention.

Nailed and boarded twixt your faith
Conversing music plays my face
Bright the colours come torment
This rainbow pain is evident.

Stung up on one mans opinion
Roasting here like filet mignon
Hyperactive one small move
Hanging here while death is shrewd.

I’m cuffed inside a thousand views
Pierced my mind with 10 small rules
Waste your life forgiveness waits
Corrosive be your last exploits.

I’m free to speak with heart and mind
Vacant be the truest line
Urgent strokes do float me there
Should I drown without a prayer.

Freedom now do as I bade
Take shroud from me the one true way
The sky the earth the whole is white
Still I entombed ironically, right.

Gasp inhale take deep your breath,
Preach not brethren who is best,
Leaking slicks encompass all
Breathe once and rest,
For rest is now all.

Kipling vs 2010

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When you can stay at home all day

And no honest work be done,

Yours will be my yearly pay,

And which is more, you’ll get a house, you scum.


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They keep sending me tax bills
But I don’t know how to tell ’em
I’d rather recycle the paper
So I can fuckin sell ’em.

I never earn the money
To keep myself well off
Greedy cunts in parliament
Take the fuckin lot.

Tax is fuckin commie
You capitalist dicks
I pay tax on my earnings
My shopping too you pricks.

What the fuck did we lay down
To take it up the shitter
From every labour dickhead
Who acts like Gary Glitter.

The truckers all abandoned us
When petrol hit the roof
So who talks out for us now
We’re all too fucking aloof.

And those dirty labour fuckwits
Are as bad as all the rest
Coz all the politicians
Have heads covered in breasts.

Sort it out you tit-heads.


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She was a lezza and she played footy
But she was my Sue and I was her Sooty
And it all fucked up when she got 3 strikes
And I ran away hard like a pair of Nikes.


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iSaid I hoped the iPhone died

iSaid I hoped the markets lied

iSaid I thought the world was just a sham

iSaid I thought schools all failed

iSaid I wished the banks weren’t bailed

iSaid I thought society was just crass

iSaid I saw the country die

iSaid I found nowhere to hide

iSaid I knew it’s all their fault not ours

iSaid I saw consumers mass

iSaid I thought them like a rash

iSaid I heard capitalism killed the kids

iSaid I met a communist

iSaid I hate to acquest

iSaid I shared your views on the common bloke

iSaid I waited for revolt

iSaid I pulled Fawkes form the vault

iSaid I urge you all to down the man