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Armed and Dangerous

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I see the government lies like a gun upon my table

Politicians like bullets that make my gun be able,

Society will aim you cleanly at my face

Religion makes me pull the trigger when faced with my disgrace,

A thousand random strangers pass me as I’m bleeding

Spit or kick at me or ignore me like I’m sleeping,

Law wont protect he who’ll choose to guard himself

And hospitals change the rules regardless of your health,

The point I’m trying to make here using only 10 lines or less

Is don’t support authority as it’ll drive you to your deaths.

Am I Angry?

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Am I angry about anything?

You fucking bet

Encroaching on your liberties

Or oppression in Tibet,

Smarmy politicians

Lying to your face

Denial of all other life

Living out in space,

The stigma of all binge drinkers

Bankers, think tank thinkers

War, recession, copious tax

Talk of job and pay cut backs,

Job markets and depressing views

Also “Party political news”

Maniacal malaise, misconduct

No small wonder we feel fucked,

Hoodies, chavs and petty crime

Judges, murderers who do no time,

And the biggest crims we see walk free

As Mandy fucks university,

Hours I waste and the hours I wont

Weeks I sleep and the months I don’t,

Metaphors for my bleeding heart

Whores and lovers worlds apart,

Religion, power, money and greed

Taxation on the legal weed,

The cost of fuel, the price of living

Fuck you if I’m unforgiving,

I’ll take my chance and I’ll say it proud,

Fuck you cunt and your fucking crowd.

Arrested by Religion

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I was entombed by thought and feeling
Shallow lights and empty meaning
Brief liaisons with delusion
Forced to kneel by convolution.

Imprisoned in not my belief
Madness tortures through my sleep
Never sought nor sunlight ventured
Never dared this darkness mention.

Nailed and boarded twixt your faith
Conversing music plays my face
Bright the colours come torment
This rainbow pain is evident.

Stung up on one mans opinion
Roasting here like filet mignon
Hyperactive one small move
Hanging here while death is shrewd.

I’m cuffed inside a thousand views
Pierced my mind with 10 small rules
Waste your life forgiveness waits
Corrosive be your last exploits.

I’m free to speak with heart and mind
Vacant be the truest line
Urgent strokes do float me there
Should I drown without a prayer.

Freedom now do as I bade
Take shroud from me the one true way
The sky the earth the whole is white
Still I entombed ironically, right.

Gasp inhale take deep your breath,
Preach not brethren who is best,
Leaking slicks encompass all
Breathe once and rest,
For rest is now all.