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Long Live Liam Gallagher

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Maybe Liam’s right

And we’ll all live forever

Coz there sure ain’t no

Fucking Rock n Roll heaven,

And maybe Liam’s right

And we’re all here to have it,

Drink and drugs and Rock an Roll

And every other habit,

And parties that go on for days

And vacant looks and feeling glazed,

Live in life and fuck in hell

And raise the roof and do it well

Fuck the thoughts and shouts of press

While keeping up with civil unrest,

Coz he fights like a tiger

And he roars like a lion

And every day’s his last

Coz he don’t believe in dying,

And if the world had ended

And society had fallen

And Liam was the last alive

You know he’ll still be calling

For you to fucking have it

Let the human song endeavour

Coz the singers with the greatest words

Will always live forever,

And a day,

Another day that’s not today.

Poem – Duality of Talent

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I’m such a fucking sell out
Lets get me to number 1,
I’m playing on the radio
In the bedroom with your mum,
I’ll dominate the charts
And be top in the downloads,
I’ll blow your fucking mind
Then I’m off to hit the roads.
I’m such a fucking copout
I’m playing stadiums,
Still listened to on C.D players
By your fucking mums,
One day I’ll sell out Wembley
With a voice that cannot sing,
My piano skills are shit
And my guitar has got no strings,
Well you don’t need fucking talent
To be a real big deal,
Just get in front of Simon Cowell
And learn to fucking kneel,
Just swallow and then never spit
And then one day you’ll get there,
You’re still a fucking cum bucket
No body cares.
So you’ve had your 15 minutes
And the world thinks you’re a twat,
And you’re working in a market
So what’s your thanks for that,
You’re washed up and your hopeless
Just for number 1,
But I’m on the radio
And I’m playing with your mum.