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Time Magazine, it is a Changing

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I guess if you were to say that this was roughly based on Bob Dylan’s – Times they are a changing, it may make more sense…  But it’s a kick back to the ridiculous Times Magazine ‘Most Influential People” list 2010.  To believe that in this world where there is so much sickening injustice and perverted sense of morals that some of these fuckwits are even in the list is wrong in the first place.  America, a note…  No!  The full list can be found here, look and cry.

Come gather round cretins explain this here poll,

And admit that you’re idiots and someone fell foul

And accept your opinions are that of pre pubescent girls,

If time magazine to you is worth reading,

And you better start learning or you’ll be dumb all your life

For Time magazine, it is a changing.

Come writers and morons who offend with your words,

And keep your mouth shut if you stay in your herds,

And don’t speak of this trash when once you stood tall,

And there’s no telling you I’m ashamed,

You were a winner back then and now you lose for this sin,

For Time Magazine, it is a changing.

You list senators, politicians below unheard ofs and a troll,

Don’t feed us this tripe, don’t drag us into your hole,

For he that reads on will be he who believes

Intelligence is at a premium,

They’ll soon rattle your rag and trust your dumb views

For Time Magazine, it is a changing.

Come mothers and fathers who birthed all these fools,

Did not you have morals you cannot recall

Your sons and your daughters should have learnt things in school,

The knowledge is rapidly fading,

Please understand or shut up if you’re this thick

For Time Magazine, it is a changing.

The Times might be new but you’re feeding the ill,

The smart wont survive when you force them this pill

As your president now influences less than most,

Our hope is rapidly fading,

And the important one now we’ll later forget

For Times Magazine, it is a changing.


The Majority Love Song

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They say,

Tomorrow is another day,

But they don’t know

What happened yesterday,

One week,

Tears on a lonely cheek

Pain in your heart

Regrets on your tired feet,

A moons pass,

Memories that never last

Crying through bedroom walls

You can’t forget the past,

I’m one of a kind

No two the same

One cries in anger

The other in shame,

My hearts bleeding dry

I don’t want to remain

And I can’t live alone

Coz I’ll die from this pain,

When i die,

I wont tell you why

My solace regrets

Things I cannot deny,

And my pain is your pain,

My fears are your fears,

All my dreams have died now,

Except in your tears.

I live in your tears.

Long Live Liam Gallagher

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Maybe Liam’s right

And we’ll all live forever

Coz there sure ain’t no

Fucking Rock n Roll heaven,

And maybe Liam’s right

And we’re all here to have it,

Drink and drugs and Rock an Roll

And every other habit,

And parties that go on for days

And vacant looks and feeling glazed,

Live in life and fuck in hell

And raise the roof and do it well

Fuck the thoughts and shouts of press

While keeping up with civil unrest,

Coz he fights like a tiger

And he roars like a lion

And every day’s his last

Coz he don’t believe in dying,

And if the world had ended

And society had fallen

And Liam was the last alive

You know he’ll still be calling

For you to fucking have it

Let the human song endeavour

Coz the singers with the greatest words

Will always live forever,

And a day,

Another day that’s not today.

Some Gordon in Charge

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There’s some cunt and he’s in charge

And he’s fucked up rather large,

He’s run the country to recession

And made a joke of his profession,

He used to fuck the economy

As tax is the biggest monopoly,

He made my beer and smokes go up

While prancing round as Tony’s slut

And i would go to number 10

To give him hell with other men,

But he made the fuel too damn pricey

I won’t fucking pay 1-15-90,

Lockerbie’s been disinterred

And the reasoning is so absurd,

We let him out coz BP made us

Gave him praise and made him famous,

I’m fed up of paying for the hunt for oil

But support the troops and their toil,

If the country’s run by a big war crim

Things are looking rather grim,

Our tax supports the lazy scum

Benefit cheats and other cunts,

So round them up in a big fat urn

And let those bastard fuckers burn,

If I was your prime minister

That’s the way the world would turn.

This has been a party poem

From the party of all knowing,

Coz the socialists are well pissed

When all these valid points get missed,

So Mr Brown buckle down

Before the people go to town

And out you from that money faking

Piss take fuck up mess you’re making.

Poem – Duality of Talent

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I’m such a fucking sell out
Lets get me to number 1,
I’m playing on the radio
In the bedroom with your mum,
I’ll dominate the charts
And be top in the downloads,
I’ll blow your fucking mind
Then I’m off to hit the roads.
I’m such a fucking copout
I’m playing stadiums,
Still listened to on C.D players
By your fucking mums,
One day I’ll sell out Wembley
With a voice that cannot sing,
My piano skills are shit
And my guitar has got no strings,
Well you don’t need fucking talent
To be a real big deal,
Just get in front of Simon Cowell
And learn to fucking kneel,
Just swallow and then never spit
And then one day you’ll get there,
You’re still a fucking cum bucket
No body cares.
So you’ve had your 15 minutes
And the world thinks you’re a twat,
And you’re working in a market
So what’s your thanks for that,
You’re washed up and your hopeless
Just for number 1,
But I’m on the radio
And I’m playing with your mum.