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Some Gordon in Charge

Posted in Poetry with tags , , , , , , on January 22, 2010 by Jonny Voices

There’s some cunt and he’s in charge

And he’s fucked up rather large,

He’s run the country to recession

And made a joke of his profession,

He used to fuck the economy

As tax is the biggest monopoly,

He made my beer and smokes go up

While prancing round as Tony’s slut

And i would go to number 10

To give him hell with other men,

But he made the fuel too damn pricey

I won’t fucking pay 1-15-90,

Lockerbie’s been disinterred

And the reasoning is so absurd,

We let him out coz BP made us

Gave him praise and made him famous,

I’m fed up of paying for the hunt for oil

But support the troops and their toil,

If the country’s run by a big war crim

Things are looking rather grim,

Our tax supports the lazy scum

Benefit cheats and other cunts,

So round them up in a big fat urn

And let those bastard fuckers burn,

If I was your prime minister

That’s the way the world would turn.

This has been a party poem

From the party of all knowing,

Coz the socialists are well pissed

When all these valid points get missed,

So Mr Brown buckle down

Before the people go to town

And out you from that money faking

Piss take fuck up mess you’re making.