Oh Mr Brown

Oh Mr Brown

You make me want to die,

Made me lost

And question why,

Oh Mr Brown

You pushed me to the edge,

Took me to the roof

Left me on the ledge,

Oh Mr Brown,

You refuse to see,

The whole damn world

Is sick of thee,

Oh Mr Brown

You forced our tears,

We sank much deeper

In your years,

Oh Mr Brown

What have you done,

Forced me to drink

And carry a gun,

Oh Mr Brown

An ode to you,

Destroyer of worlds,

Get out.


2 Responses to “Oh Mr Brown”

  1. I thought the open mic thing was rather unbelievable…I suppose some staffer is currently seeking new employment….enjoyed your poem.

    • It’s just another symptom of sensationalist politics, the only way to get through to the type of people who are happy to let the country go down because they consider politics unimportant. It is interesting how the debates mostly serve to produce fodder for the media so that they can debate, filter out the bits that wont enthuse despair in the nation and then provide ready made opinions for the masses… C’est la vie I guess, you can’t rely on all of the people all of the time.

      And thanks.

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